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A robber with a grenade broke into a branch of the Bank of Georgia, and police surrounded the building

Police officers were mobilized on Chavchavadze Street in the city of Kvareli (Kakheti region), according to the Georgian Interior Ministry.

According to preliminary information, an armed man broke into a branch of the Bank of Georgia.

“Upon receiving the report of the attack, police officers immediately surrounded the area around the scene. Currently, the mobilized law enforcement officers are taking all necessary and urgent measures, as well as investigative and operational measures.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on the media to adhere to security standards and obey the instructions of the police on the spot, “the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

According to media reports, the robber is armed with a grenade, and the bank branch has employees and visitors.

A year ago, on October 21, 2020, an armed robbery of a bank took place in the city of Zugdidi in western Georgia. A man dressed in camouflage and armed with a machine gun and a grenade went to a branch of the Bank of Georgia, took hostages of employees and kidnappers and demanded a ransom of half a million dollars. As a result, the police complied with the robber’s demands, and he left the bank safely with the money. None of the hostages were injured. The Interior Ministry later announced that the robber was former military Badri Esebua, a resident of the Samegrelo region. Police have not been able to determine his whereabouts.

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