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An Indian killed his wife with a cobra

Indian authorities have convicted a man of killing his own wife with a cobra bite. Suraj Kumar was arrested last year after his wife Ranku died of snake venom.

The investigation proved that Suraj let the cobra into his wife’s bed when she slept at night, reports the BBC. A 25-year-old woman was found dead this morning by her family. They suspected that the man was seeking their dowry. Just a week before, Uttra had been bitten by another snake, but managed to recover.

According to police, the investigation showed that the man was behind the two snake attacks. Another man who helped him get reptiles was also arrested. He later became a witness in the case and helped investigators put together the mystery of the murder.

The indictment demanded the death sentence for Suraj Kumar. Instead, the judge in the case sentenced the confessed murderer to double life imprisonment, which must pay the victim’s relatives about $ 6,500.

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