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Deadly photo: a tourist fell into a volcanic crater in Indonesia

A 31-year-old tourist from China died while on vacation after falling into the crater of the active Ijen volcano in Indonesia. The accident happened in front of her husband, Daily Mail reports.

It is reported that the couple climbed to the top of the mountain as part of a tourist group to admire the sunrise from above and see the famous acid lake in the Ijen crater.

Tourists, as usual, began to take memorable photographs on the edge of the crater. The guest from China also decided to take a photo. While posing, she got very close to the edge, got her foot tangled in her dress, and fell into the abyss from a height of 75 meters.

The special services officers who arrived at the scene of the tragedy spent more than two hours raising the woman’s body to the surface.

It is reported that the body of the deceased will be transported to Bali and then flown to China.

The Ijen volcanic complex in East Java consists of more than 10 volcanic objects located within a radius of 20 kilometers. Here is the sulfur lake Kawa Ijen, the largest acid reservoir in the world.

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