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Named the most accessible cities in the world for ex-pats

Greenback analyzed data from Trading Economics and Expatistan to estimate the cost of living in 184 countries and 43 major cities, Time Out reports.

The study took into account both the costs of individual living and a family of four. The cheapest city in the world for expats is Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. The average monthly cost of living here is about $1,447 for a single person and $2,694 for a family.

In second place is Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali. It’s the cheapest destination for a family, with a monthly cost of living of about $2,678 and $1,516 for a single person.

The study also revealed the most expensive destinations for expats, with San Francisco, Singapore, and London taking the top three spots.

10 cities with the lowest cost of living for ex-pats:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa;
  2. Denpasar, Indonesia;
  3. Athens, Greece;
  4. Mexico City, Mexico;
  5. Bangkok, Thailand;
  6. Glasgow, UK;
  7. Istanbul, Türkiye;
  8. Lisbon, Portugal;
  9. Barcelona, ​​Spain;
  10. Birmingham, UK.

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