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The 10 most affordable tourist destinations of 2024 have been named

Planning a vacation doesn’t always seem wise when money is tight, but traveling doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. There are many places in the world where you won’t have to spend much. We talk about the most affordable places to travel this year.

According to TimeOut, e-commerce brand WeThrift conducted research and assessed the accessibility of transportation, tourist attractions, and accommodations, as well as the cost of local delicacies and everyday food to determine which destinations around the world are the most affordable.

The capital of India, New Delhi, took first place, scoring 69.2 points out of 80 on the WeThrift index. Butter Chicken and local chaat are only $2.40. Transport here is also very cheap. Additionally, the cost of a weekend stay was only about $49.40.

Hanoi in Vietnam came in second place, with the average price of a trip on public transport being just $0.29. In third place was Cairo, where the price of a drink averages $1.34, and tickets to attractions cost about $48.15.

The list of the 10 most affordable travel destinations for 2024 looks like this:

  • New Delhi, India;
  • Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Cairo, Egypt;
  • Istanbul, Türkiye;
  • Hurghada, Egypt;
  • Bali, Indonesia;
  • Bangkok, Thailand;
  • Marrakesh, Morocco;
  • Phuket, Thailand;
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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