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Airplane passenger dies under mysterious circumstances on flight from Bangkok

A 63-year-old passenger died under mysterious circumstances on a flight from Bangkok to Munich on February 8.

According to information, immediately after taking off from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the man’s condition sharply worsened. The flight attendant brought him chamomile tea, but before he could drink it, the passenger began coughing up blood. Then blood came not only from the mouth but also from the nose. The 63-year-old German was losing a lot of blood before his eyes.

According to passengers, it was an “absolute nightmare”; many screamed at the sight of the large amount of blood.

The pilots immediately requested permission from air traffic controllers to return to their departure point. After 2 hours and 27 minutes, the Lufthansa Airbus A380 returned to Bangkok, where an intensive care vehicle with a team of doctors was already waiting for it. However, the man could no longer be saved.

According to people flying on the same flight, who were sitting in adjacent seats, they noted the poor health of the deceased even during boarding. They reported that the man “was in a cold sweat, was breathing rapidly, and looked very ill.”

Moreover, the captain of the ship was notified about what was happening, after which he asked over the loudspeaker whether there were doctors among those present on board. A young man who spoke very little English responded to the request. He approached the German, examined him, measured his pulse, and said that he was normal, the portal writes.

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