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Named the best cities in the world for food lovers

One of the main components of any successful trip is gastronomic discoveries. The TripAdvisor portal presented a rating of cities whose cuisine attracts lovers of culinary masterpieces from all over the world.

The ranking was topped by the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Travelers noted the skillful combination of historical traditions and modern trends in everything, including gastronomy. Some of the most famous Vietnamese dishes include pho noodle soup, goi cuon spring rolls, hot pancakes banh xeo, cao lau noodles, grilled bun cha meatballs, banh mi sandwiches, turmeric fish cha ka lawong, and broken rice ko tam.

This is the list of the 10 best destinations in the world for gastronomic tourism in 2024:

  • Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Rome, Italy;
  • Crete, Greece;
  • Cusco, Peru;
  • Florence, Italy;
  • New Delhi, India;
  • Barcelona, ​​Spain;
  • New Orleans, USA;
  • Lisbon, Portugal;
  • Phuket, Thailand.

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