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Consulates of several European countries closed in Istanbul

In Istanbul (Turkey), the consulates of several European countries – Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany – were closed to visitors.

The German consulate said it had suspended work “for security reasons”, and the British diplomatic service said it was also “closed to the public at the moment as a precautionary measure”.

The diplomatic missions of European countries refer to the “increased threat of terrorist attacks” in the central areas of Istanbul, popular with tourists. Services at consulates are going to be provided online.

Earlier, the US authorities warned the Americans about the increased threat of terrorist attacks in Istanbul.

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation, which is located in Istanbul on the popular tourist street Istiklal, the Turkish authorities have taken it under special protection. Massive barriers were set up nearby, the diplomatic mission was guarded by armed gendarmes and an armored personnel carrier. Police in bulletproof vests and with machine guns patrol Istiklal Street.

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