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More than 13,000 people were evacuated from the Philippines due to the rising level of the Marikina River

At least 13,000 people living in municipalities along the Marikina River in eastern Manila have been evacuated. The reason is the ongoing rise in water levels due to heavy rains in the Philippines, said the National Council for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management.

According to March spokesman Keshin Timbal, 3,077 families or 13,225 people in need on the roofs of houses were evacuated. People living in the lower parts of the city, who are at risk of flooding, are located in 28 centers of the city of Marikina.

Local authorities are monitoring the situation and are also ready to evacuate if necessary, Timbal told the Philippine News Agency.

The water level in the Marikina River reached 16.4 m due to heavy rains. As a result, the authorities have raised the level of warning to the second level, which implies the evacuation of residents to higher regions of the country.

Timbal reported that floods occurred in the cities of Rodriguez, San Mateo and Taitai in the province of Rice. From there, 439 families were placed in 10 evacuation points. / TASS

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