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In Europe, flights are being canceled en masse due to the storm

Several European airports have canceled many flights due to the storm “Pia”, raging in the north of Europe.

As reported by NL Times, more than 320 flights were canceled and nearly 650 more were delayed at the largest international airport of the Netherlands – “Schiphol” in Amsterdam – due to the powerful storm “Pia”.

Rotterdam/The Hague airport also warned of possible flight delays and cancellations, and there were delays at Eindhoven airport as well.

In addition to airports, the storm caused delays on the Netherlands’ railways and roads.

Meanwhile, Finnish publication Yle reported that many flights are expected to be delayed at Helsinki Airport due to heavy snowfall and wind. For example, a Finnair flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to Brussels is estimated to depart almost three hours late. However, there is currently no exact information on the duration of the delays.

“The weather is unfavorable and delays should be expected,” Finavia said in a statement.

At the same time, British Airways canceled 20 domestic and European flights from Heathrow, including Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow. Passengers are rebooked on alternative flights.

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