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Summer has returned to the resort capital of Turkey: tourists flooded the beaches

December in Antalya turned into a real sea of pleasure for tourists. Even though winter has come in many regions of Turkey, summer has returned to the resort capital of the country, so tourists flooded the beaches: sunbathing and even swimming. This was reported by Karaman Habercisi.

It was noted that in recent days the air temperature there rose to +19 ℃, it was sunny, and the water in the sea was kept at +21 ℃. Guests of the city enjoyed the sunny weather and spent the day on the coast: sunbathing, swimming, and spending time with children. Some preferred to be active on the canoe, while others were engrossed in reading books.

However, not all tourists prefer sea vacations. Some families who decided to spend New Year’s and Christmas in hotels and arrived very early, prefer to stay by the pools. There they ride water slides with their children, enjoying the sunny weather and festive atmosphere.

“The temperature of the seawater does not drop below 20 ℃, and I feel that the air is warmed up to 22 ℃. In winter I always come here and go to the sea, it’s so beautiful. I owe my health to the Mediterranean Sea. Salt water here is like medicine. Most people don’t bathe, but I couldn’t be happier. Even in rainy weather, I want to go to the sea,” the newspaper quoted the 72-year-old vacationing on Konyaalta beach as saying.

Reference: December in Antalya is usually characterized by a mild climate with moderate temperatures. The average daytime temperature is around 15-20℃, but it can be cooler at night. Rains are possible at this time of year. Unlike the summer months, the first winter month is considered a low season for tourism, so the city is usually not crowded, while many attractions and shops remain open.

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