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Egypt is covered by depression and sharp weather swings with sand and dust

Depression is covering Egypt – in the meteorological sense: this is how the General Directorate of Meteorology of Egypt explained the sharp fluctuations in the weather that await the country until the end of the week. “During this period, the country is affected by the expansion of depression in the air layers. The upper layers of the atmosphere are accompanied by air masses coming from Northern Europe, which are working to return the temperature to the normal level for this time of year,” meteorologists explained.

As a result, Egypt is warned about the “weather swing”, a strong wind with sand and dust, which literally “spoils the weather”, mainly for tourists. In the resorts, however, the summer weather will remain stable.

Winds intensifying the feeling of cold weather are active in various areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and the northern coast. They will also bring sand and dust to areas of the Western Desert and northern Upper Egypt. This is what Egyptian meteorologists say. That is, the weather changes can reach tourists who have gathered for an excursion to the Pyramids and the temples of Luxor. At the same time, the weather is quite pleasant at +26.

Winds and storms are not promised at the resorts. In Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh +29-30 degrees and bright sun. Water in the sea is +24 degrees.

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