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A poisonous monster came to the resorts of Turkey from the beaches of Egypt

The predicted storm came to Turkey – and natural disasters hit the resorts. In Bodrum, waves reached the second floor, restaurants were destroyed, and yachts were flooded. Tourists are also warned in Antalya to be alert due to strong winds.

According to F5 Haber, a strong southwesterly wind brought the storm to Mugla province. In the resort of Bodrum, the coastal areas of Kumbahçe, Ortakent, and Akyarlar were especially affected – gigantic waves, the height of which, according to eyewitnesses, was higher than the second floor, washed away coastal buildings, yes, heavy material damage was caused to restaurants on the coast of the Kumbahçe district, residential hotels were also affected.

All sea traffic stopped, and even heavy dry cargoes did not risk leaving the port. The owners of boats and yachts were also unlucky, especially those who did not heed the warnings: “Forecasts warned for two days, many pleasure boats and yachts tried to hide in harbors and bays, those that remained in the open sea mostly sank.” – said one of the local captains. At the same time, the wind will last at least until Tuesday morning.

Tourists are asked to be careful in Antalya as well – a storm broke out there as well, and puddles formed on many roads in the city center, in some places such that traffic stopped. But the main problem is the strong wind, due to which several billboards on the highway have already “blown away”, because it is recommended not to “extrude” into the street if possible.

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