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ABBA are returning after a 40-year absence

Культова шведська група ABBA оголосила про випуск нового альбому, в якому також буде віртуальне концертне виконання.

One of the most influential pop groups in history, ABBA, will present new music next week, for the first time in 39 years, and will announce a new ABBA Voyage project.

Björn Ulveus, Benny Andersson, Agneta Feltskog and Annie-Fried Ljungstad will present new songs for the first time in 39 years, making a long-awaited return, including a special show “ABBA Voyage”.

ABBA Voyage will present a documentary about working on new songs and creating a special venue in East London for their Hologram show, which is set to open in May 2022.

The performances will feature the so-called “ABBA-containers (links to avatars)” – images of musicians will be broadcast on stage in the form of holograms and perform their timeless compositions.

The performers are collaborating with the creator of “Pop Idol” Simon Fuller on the plans they have been working on since 2019.

Bjorn himself confirmed that the new music from the creators of “Mamma Mia!” already on the way. Back in May, he said, “There will be new music this year, that’s for sure, no more talking, if it can happen, it will happen.”

The band disbanded in 1982 and for the first time in several decades came together in 2016 at a private event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first meeting of songwriters Bjorn and Benny.

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