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Scandinavian countries stop using Moderna vaccine in men under 30 years of age

Finland has joined other Scandinavian countries that have stopped using or recommended avoiding Moderna COVID-19 in some age groups due to an increased risk of heart inflammation. According to the Associated Press, this is a rare side effect associated with the use of the drug.

The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare said yesterday that the authorities would not offer the vaccine to men under the age of 30. Instead, they will be offered the Pfizer vaccine. The institute added that young men and boys were found to be at increased risk of developing myocarditis after Moderna vaccination.

Finland’s move followed similar decisions by three neighboring countries on Wednesday. Sweden has abandoned the Moderna vaccine for people under 30 years of age. Denmark has announced that people under the age of 18 will be offered a Swedish-made vaccine, and Norway has called on people under the age of 30 to use the Pfizer Moderna vaccine.

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