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Tourism may be closed again: WHO is preparing for a new pandemic

Before the last “COVID” hospital had closed, the WHO announced that it was preparing for a new pandemic. Some not yet existing “disease X” could potentially sweep the world at any moment, scaring everyone, and in particular, the travel business CEO of the Coalition and Innovation in the field of preparedness for epidemics, Dr. Richard Hatchett. “You need to prepare now!” – he declared.

The WHO did not skimp on the frightening details. They assure that this disease will most likely come as a covid – from wild or domestic animals and will begin to be transmitted from person to person. However, the possibility of bioterrorism is not excluded. At the same time, the WHO assured that the new, so far unknown virus could be as dangerous as the Spanish flu epidemic at the beginning of the 20th century – with which, let’s recall, the coronavirus pandemic was also compared. Up to 50 million people may die – the WHO also assures, adding that COVID was not so deadly.

“If the world wants to save itself from the new virus, it must be ready for a large-scale vaccination program. A potential new epidemic will be 20 times more dangerous than the coronavirus,” said the WHO expert, adding that it is impossible to name the exact time when this terrible virus will appear. “New deadly viruses and bacteria appear every day around the world, scientists fear that the spread of disease X will not last long. It is for this reason that the WHO shows great activity every time viral diseases come to the fore,” experts added.

We will remind you that no one expected severe problems from the coronavirus when it appeared in December 2019, and it will certainly quarantine the entire planet. But only a month passed from the moment of the appearance of the first incomprehensible case to the first closed city, which became Wuhan, and the declaration of a pandemic by the WHO. So, on November 30, 2019, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the first patient with an unknown type of virus that caused pneumonia was recorded, on December 1, information about the virus was brought to the WHO, on January 9, the first death from the coronavirus was recorded, at that time it was fully identified and, in fact, , got a name – before that it was called “atypical pneumonia”, on January 12 it was finally confirmed that the virus is transmitted from person to person, and already on January 23, the first city – Wuhan in China – was “closed for covid”. At the time, no one could assume that this was just the beginning — but on January 28, the first cases of the new infection were registered in 15 countries, including the USA, Germany, and France, and already on January 30, the WHO announced the outbreak of an epidemic. So far only in China. But on March 11, 2020, a general pandemic was declared and the globe gradually began to “close to covid”.

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