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A Great White Shark bit a boy in Australia after he caught it while fishing.

Whether you are a professional fisherman or a hobbyist, unexpected things can always happen. But the fishermen probably didn’t expect something so big to jump out and attack them out of nowhere literally.

Well, for one unfortunate teenager, the situation resulted in severe, life-changing trauma.

It was a normal day at sea with his father in South Australia when something terrible took over their small fishing boat. The 16-year-old was handling the fishing line and caught something large, deciding to reel it in and take a closer look at the fish. But this was no small fry; it was a Great White Shark.

Since this only happens once in a lifetime, the teenager quickly reeled the fishing line around the boat to take a photo of his catch, but the situation immediately took a turn for the worse.

Moments after the photo was taken, the shark turned and grabbed the teenager’s leg, tearing him apart.

Paramedics quickly arrived at West Beach to treat the teenager after the attack and stop blood loss before taking him to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for further care.

After the horrific incident, his father, Michael Ness, told 10News what happened when the teen was bitten: “He screamed and said, ‘Get it away!’ Take her away!” so I leaned down and opened her mouth so she would let go of her leg.

“Luckily, it opened its mouth to let go and the shark fell back into the water.”

That didn’t seem to deter the teen from his love of fishing, as Ness told the news station that his son asked him as they boarded the ambulance if they could “come back tomorrow.”

His father told him, “I don’t know about that!”

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