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Denmark to build the world’s first energy island

Інвестувати в проект необхідно $ 34 млрд

Denmark plans to build the world’s first “energy island” in the North Sea. According to Bloomberg, he will increase the capacity of renewable sources in the country and make the supply of wind energy stable.

The island will be located 80 kilometers from the coast and will cost $ 34 billion to build. The Ministry of Energy and Climate will hold a tender that will determine the co-owners of the island and the construction company for its construction, Lenta.ru reports.

Plans to build such an island were announced back in February 2021. An artificial platform with an area of ​​120 thousand square meters will manage the infrastructure of 200 wind turbines. Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2033. The island will be able to generate three gigawatts of electricity and supply electricity to millions of homes. The possibility of supplying electricity to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg is being considered.

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