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Finland has decided to attract students and entrepreneurs from third countries, including Ukraine, by introducing special visas

The Government of Finland has received a draft of amendments to increase the use of special long-term visas, known as D visas.

Note: The new category D visa will be issued to professionals, students, company executives, startups and their families for one year. The document accelerates and facilitates labor migration to the country of in-demand professionals. Holders of the new type of D visa will be able to come to Finland immediately after receiving the decision to issue a residence permit by the country’s Immigration Service, without waiting for the issuance of the document itself, which can take up to six months.

It is specified that this amendment will also benefit those residents of Finland whose residence permit has been lost, stolen or expired. The bill introduces another amendment that will allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue temporary residence permits to young people under the age of 20 whose families serve in the diplomatic service in Finland, instead of applying for an extension of the permit to the Finnish Immigration Service as soon as they will be 18 years old. Discussions on the bill will end on April 1, when the government’s proposal will be presented to the Finnish parliament.

The Ministry of the Interior has announced that it is working on a bill to issue D-visas to students and researchers, following the example of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which last year introduced D-visas for third-country nationals, entrepreneurs or professionals in other fields.

“The Ministry of the Interior has initiated a bill to extend the long-term D visa for students and researchers and their families. The project is part of the government’s measures to promote education and labor migration in the autumn budget debate, “said a press release issued by the Interior Ministry on December 15.

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In support of the initiative, Prime Minister Christa Mikonnen said her government’s goal is to increase the number of foreign students in the country, while making it more attractive to the foreign student market.

Earlier this year, the Scandinavian country said that last year the immigration authorities received a total of 36,206 applications for the first residence permit. The Finnish Immigration Service says the main reasons for immigration are work, family and education that meets the country’s goals.

In addition, the number of applications for residence permits submitted in 2021 reached a record high – a total of 36,206 applications, resulting in 2020.

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