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A real disaster in the UK – people do not have petrol to get to work

Безпрецедентна криза в Британії - гостра нестача водіїв, бензину і продуктів. І прем'єр-міністр Джонсон продовжує стверджувати, що це мало місце в інших країнах Європи. "Але це не правда".

Why is there a shortage of drivers and a shortage of petrol in the UK? The British government usually answers this question by claiming that there are not enough 100,000 truck drivers on the island alone. The same was true in other European countries.

But this is simply not true, insisted BBC presenter Andrew Marr in an interview with Boris Johnson. Marr explained to the Prime Minister that BBC journalists spoke with representatives of gas station industry organizations in France, Poland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, DW reports.

“There are no problems like ours anywhere. Even Northern Ireland is better. How do we explain that?” the presenter asked in his program.

In response, Johnson tried to dodge, explaining that in the UK, demand has its own characteristics. With this evasive explanation, the Prime Minister, in fact, again referred to the fact that the government constantly reproaches the media for sowing panic and pushing people to excessive stocks.

David Charman, the owner of a gas station in Kent, is angry at such arguments. He says he received only half of his usual fuel supply last week. The army began to deliver fuel to its pumps, but at the moment the tanks were empty again.

“It’s not a replenishment. People have been waiting long enough and they just don’t have the gas to start the car and go to work,” Charmon said.

The meat industry has warned that in the coming weeks tens of thousands of pigs will have to be slaughtered and cremated, simply because they cannot be delivered to slaughterhouses, where there is also an acute shortage of labor.

“We have never been forced to kill so many animals before. This is a real disaster. Farmers want to provide people with food and strictly adhere to high standards. A solution must be found quickly,” said union member Minetti Butters.

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