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The EU has named 20 professions whose owners can easily get a work visa to Europe

Europe experiences a shortage in 20 professions at once — this means that it is easier for foreign specialists in these types of employment to get a work visa to the region than others. The list includes professions that are in short supply in at least one of the EU member states or the Schengen area. In addition, the European Employment Service (EURES) report, based on data from 2022, lists the occupations considered redundant in these countries, i.e. these specialists are not expected in Europe.

The report, presented by the portal Schengenvisainfo, revealed the existing problems in the labor force balance in Europe. Some professions are experiencing a shortage of professionals and are struggling to fill their internal resources, while others are facing overstaffing and a shortage of jobs.

“The fact that a large number of shortage and surplus occupations were found does not mean that many occupations are in shortage in some countries and surplus in others,” the document said.

In response to the situation, some countries, including Germany, are developing employment strategies focused on young people from specific regions, as well as simplifying the procedure for obtaining work visas for those living outside the European bloc. Labor migration policy has also undergone adjustments in other EU countries, which are trying to make their programs more attractive to immigrants, especially those who are needed in the labor market.

According to the publication, even the EU Commission has proposed a recommendation to encourage directed labor migration from non-EU countries for certain groups of specialists as one of the ways to solve the problem of labor shortages in key sectors of all member states, which slows down the development of the economy.

The EURES report has provided a list of the most in-demand occupations in Europe, including those that are in short supply in as many as 16 countries. Foreign specialists with experience or education in these professions have a much better chance of obtaining a work visa in Europe compared to representatives of other professions.

So, the top 20 most popular professions in the EU are as follows:

  1. Bricklayers and related specialties
  2. Carpenters and carpenters
  3. Truck drivers
  4. Adjusters and operators of metalworking machines
  5. Specialists in patient care
  6. Plumbers and pipe fitters
  7. Building and related electricians
  8. Welders and flamethrowers
  9. Concrete pavers, concrete finishing materials, and related workers
  10. Sheet metal workers
  11. Floor and tile installers
  12. Software developers
  13. cooks
  14. Workers at the construction of buildings
  15. Electromechanics and installers
  16. Applied programmers
  17. Practitioners of a broad profile
  18. Bus and tram driver
  19. Car mechanics and repairmen
  20. Practicing medical specialists

Who is not expected in Europe?

Difficulties in obtaining a work visa will be faced by several people with modern professions, since the domestic market of most countries of the bloc is oversaturated with them:

  1. Graphic and multimedia designer
  2. Administrative and executive staff
  3. Journalists
  4. Interior designers and decorators
  5. Sellers in stores, etc.

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