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Winter fell on Spanish resorts: 40 cm of snow and -18°C frost shocked tourists

“A salvo of cold” passed through the Mediterranean resorts. A real winter has arrived in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, beloved by European tourists. Suffice it to say that in Lleida (Catalonia) a temperature of -18.6°C of frost was recorded, and on the Balearic Islands tourists were frightened by a layer of snow of 40 cm.

However, these indicators are some kind of records, but storm Juliet brought rare unpleasant weather to the coast of Spain and the Balearic Islands. As reported by the Spanish media, citing AEMET data, Majorca was covered in snow: as experts warn, the snow cover may reach 40 cm in some places. This applies, of course, to the Sierra de Tramontana mountain massif in the north of the island, but in general, the island has declared a storm warning and “red” danger level.

The reason is that the snow, although not in such extreme amounts, will continue to fall across the island. The cities of Valdemossa and Leuk were covered with snow. A blizzard, gale-force winds of up to 80 km/h, and an average temperature of minus 2 degrees are expected. Other “surprises” are icy huge waves, and snow with rain turning into a downpour. Therefore, residents and tourists who find themselves on the island are strongly advised to “sit at home”, especially since a significant number of roads are closed due to dangerous conditions. Moreover, such violence of the elements is promised at least until Thursday.

In mainland Spain, Juliet has also been affected, with heavy snowfall and cold weather warnings already in place in 30 provinces. Including in Catalonia, where a record was set for sub-zero temperatures.

“It happened” and other resort countries. In particular, in Croatia, a sudden blizzard almost completely paralyzed traffic in the country; railways were blocked, cars froze on the highways, and some cities were complete without electricity.

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