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US tourist arrested for attempted kidnapping of a child for sexual abuse

In Las Vegas, an American tourist was arrested on charges of attempting to kidnap a child to sexually abuse him, reports KTNV.

According to the portal, the American Sheldon Barber attracted the attention of vacationers at the pool in the hotel, where he wandered and watched the children. Witnesses noted that he approached some kids who were swimming without their parents and talked to them about something.

This behavior of the guest puzzled the adults but did not cause much concern until Barber tried to kidnap the child.

“My son was swimming when Barber came up to him and extended his hand. The son thought he wanted to say hello and extended his hand in response, but the man pulled him out of the pool and tried to take him away from people. The son broke free, ran to me, and said “this man is dangerous. I asked him what he meant, and the child said that Barber asked him to go to the bathroom with him,” one of the vacationers said.

Another witness recalled that after this incident, a suspicious man returned to the pool and began to observe a four-year-old girl who was with her family. Barber left the recreation area only when security intervened.

After that, the police arrived at the hotel where the man stayed. During the search, they found potency-enhancing additives in him and other evidence that law enforcement officers considered significant for the arrest of the suspect.

Barber faced several charges including kidnapping a minor and involving a child in a sexual act.

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