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Which cities have all the conditions for people with disabilities

The Valuable 500 business coalition has published a list of cities with the best-disabled environments.

The rating was created based on a survey of 3,500 people with disabilities. Survey participants rated cities around the world based on “transport, proximity to attractions, shops, and restaurants, and availability of accessibility information.”

“While physical accessibility is important, people with disabilities choose travel providers based on respect and understanding of their needs,” said report author and travel writer Martin Heng.



More than 95% of Singapore’s footpaths, taxi ranks and bus stops are accessible to wheelchair users, the elderly, and other persons with disabilities. According to the report, the main reason for the availability of the city-state is the demographic decline and the aging of its population.

Shanghai, China

Since much of the city has been redeveloped in recent years, Shanghai’s sidewalks are in excellent condition with a large number of special ramps connecting them to the street. The city also has the world’s largest metro network, fully equipped for the needs of wheelchair users.

Tokyo, Japan

One of the main features of the capital of Japan is accessible transport for the disabled and unique tactile indicators of the earth’s surface: they warn visually impaired pedestrians of dangers and help them navigate in crowded places. The main streets are also equipped with curbs.

United States

Las Vegas

Since Vegas attracts tourists and gamblers from all over the world, local hotels are equipped with rooms where all conditions are created for people with disabilities. Such rooms have ceiling lifts, as well as visual and vibration alarms. The report also states that the Las Vegas casinos have specially trained staff who help the disabled at the gaming tables or even place bets for those who need it.


The Big Apple received the highest scores for providing information that allows people with disabilities to “plan their journey and avoid disappointment.” The Official New York City Guide has a dedicated page with in-depth articles on various aspects of accessibility in the city, as well as guides to some of the more prominent tourist attractions.


Orlando attracts tourists with its famous theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios Florida. According to the Valuable 500 report, all theme parks in Orlando are not only providing rooms for the disabled but are also taking steps to avoid queues.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s advantage over other cities lies in its cycle paths, which can be used by wheelchair users. In the city, you can even rent specially adapted bicycles that can accommodate a wheelchair. Almost all tourist attractions in the city have access and services for the disabled, except for the Anne Frank House and the Rembrandt House Museum.

Paris, France

Paris will host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the report says, giving it “an extra boost” to becoming more wheelchair accessible. Ahead of the international event, the city will open 15 special districts around the Olympic and Paralympic venues, expanding access to public spaces, hotels, shops, and more. Many city museums not only allow people with disabilities without tickets but also out of turn.



According to the Valuable 500, the “vast majority” of Sydney’s attractions, home to the famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge, are wheelchair accessible. In addition, all new and renovated buildings in the City are required by law to provide accessibility for the disabled.

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