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A biological weapons expert has revealed why you should never swim in hotel pools at one popular resort

Shocking conclusions of a biological weapons expert about the state of the pools in the popular resort city of Las Vegas were so impressive that he compared the water from this artificial reservoir to a “store of horrors.” This was reported by the Daily Star portal concerning the social networks of the former chemical officer of the US Army, Dan Cashet.

“The guy on site collected some control and background samples, including tap water and some water from a large hotel pool. Two days later, I get a call in the middle of the night at home from the White House switchboard saying that the lab wants to talk to me. The sample that so alarmed one of the best laboratories in the country was a reference pool water sample. It was, to put it in technical language, a “shop of horrors”. “The pool water contained a huge amount of metabolites from human urine, human, mammal, and bird feces, traces of cocaine, ketamine, and several different opiates and adenoviruses, as well as campylobacter,” said the specialist about the actual contents of the pool.

Why are the pools of the city, known for its turbulent nightlife, in such a terrible state? The expert referred to his experience working in the White House, where he had access to information about biological weapons. Looking back, he recounted a strange incident when one of his colleagues asked for a sample from a Las Vegas bio lab. This sample, which turned out to be from the pool water, so surprised the laboratory that they immediately contacted him.

Such a mixture is a serious threat to the health of tourists, especially if they accidentally swallow water from the pool. “As a chemical and biological weapons expert, please accept my warning: never swim in Las Vegas pools. Don’t even touch the water. I know certain things you won’t like. Cocaine, STDs, and laxatives are a bad combination – laxatives in people, people in the pool,” he added. When asked how it was possible that the pools didn’t smell, he said, “Over-chlorination hides a lot of problems.”

In addition, he emphasized two points: firstly, even hot water in the pool is not a safe alternative for vacationers, and secondly, it is not recommended to visit public pools either.

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