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In the United States, a flight attendant staged a stand-up on board the plane and became an Internet star

An American airline employee turned boring instructions into a hilarious stand-up.

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight to Las Vegas got off to a slow start, but thanks to one smart flight attendant, the mood on board quickly changed for the better.

Instead of listening to the well-known instructions about observing the safety rules on the plane, they became participants in a humorous performance. From passengers they turned into spectators.

The charismatic flight attendant masterfully demonstrated that talking about rules doesn’t have to be predictable and boring. The video of her performance hit the net and won the hearts of netizens.

The girl gave her passengers a test. First, she asked if they knew where the oxygen mask was falling from. To the three who answered correctly, she promised to give them away.

“You can’t smoke on board, but don’t worry. If you want to smoke, go out on the wing – if you manage to light a cigarette, then please,” the flight attendant joked.

The girl also made a couple of jokes towards her company. After reading a few official lines, she asked in bewilderment: “Who writes this?”

She also asked passengers to be careful not to break things on board: “Let’s be honest, if you could afford to pay for them, you wouldn’t be flying on a budget airline.” At the end of her speech, she invited the passengers to relax and “start the party”. For those who do not want to participate in it, she promised to turn off the light and ironically wished good luck.

Most importantly, she apologized for the delay, turning an unpleasant situation into a pleasant memory that will remain with her passengers for life. TikTok users, by the way, liked her stand-up no less than the passengers.

“This stewardess deserves a promotion. She put people at ease with humor,” wrote TikTok user Blondebombshell1120

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