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Tourist wins $1.3 million in slot machine at airport

At the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, a tourist hit the jackpot and won $1.3 million in a slot machine. The scene was filmed on CCTV and shared on social media.

During a layover between flights in Las Vegas, a tourist decided to try his luck at the Wheel of Fortune Triple Double Emeralds slot machine located in Terminal 1 of the airport and won $1.3 million. The name of the lucky winner and other information about him were not disclosed, however, official confirmations and congratulations from airport representatives were published on social networks under the video that captured the success.

“The best way to end a vacation is to become a millionaire!” Harry Reed Airport wrote.

Over the past 36 years, slot machines installed at Harry Reed International Airport have generated over $1 billion in revenue. According to reports, the company operates more than 1,400 machines at the Las Vegas airport. On average, they bring in a gross income of $39.8 million per year. Of these funds, the airport received about $34.4 million annually.

Scott Keechline, Associate Director of Business at Harry Reed International Airport, said: “Non-aeronautical revenues help lower our costs to air carriers while offering travelers a unique experience.” Harry Reid International Airport and Reno-Tahoe International Airport are the only two airports in the US where slot machines are available to travelers.

“Having airport vending machines is a convenience that travelers greatly enjoy and look forward to. The sight and sound of the slot machines upon getting off the plane sets the tone for the entire trip, an experience that can only be had in Vegas. And before the boarding gate, many also get the opportunity to win the last jackpot, ”Kichlein added.

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