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Bed bugs have begun to take over the luxury hotels of Las Vegas

Guests at prestigious Las Vegas hotels, where the price per night reaches 40 thousand dollars, expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of bed bugs. Even participants in the world championship of poker have fallen victim to these blood-sucking insects, according to the Daily Mail.

The bedbug attack has affected guests of seven well-known hotels in the capital of gambling. They share photos of bitten legs and arms on social networks, demanding compensation from the hotel administration. According to the testimonies of the victims, the size of bedbugs in Las Vegas reaches the size of large apple seeds.

While hotels are in no hurry to compensate for the damage, arguing that tourists themselves can bring insects with them.

“Thousands of people come to Vegas every day, and bedbugs can get into rooms with guests’ belongings. This contributes to their spread in hotels,” a hotel manager commented in an interview with Trambler.

He also stressed that the hotel staff keeps the rooms clean and in order, and they cannot understand where these comfort disturbers come from. The manager added that local health authorities have already been informed about what is happening.

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