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Tourists were told how they are brazenly deceived in restaurants in Thailand

A travel blogger became upset after visiting a cafe in the resort of Pattaya and left hungry. On the pages of his blog, he talked about how tourists are brazenly fooled by local public catering.

“When you go to a good cafe in Thailand without reading reviews, don’t be surprised that the reality will turn out not to be exactly what you expect to see. Pattaya is a tourist city and in this city, like no other, there is a great temptation to make easy money on unsuspecting tourists. Not all establishments in the city care about their reputation and frankly fool tourists. I was forced to go to one of these institutions,” he said.

The author was tempted by the attractive picture menu at the entrance to the establishment and the reasonable prices. However, everything did not go according to plan, when the tourist was brought to the first and then the second course.

According to him, he was deeply disappointed. The dishes were strikingly different from those presented in the photo. Yes, the beef kebabs turned out to be unappetizing in appearance, the pieces of meat did not exceed a 5-kopeck coin, and the portion itself was also tiny. “These kebabs tasted the same as they looked. I couldn’t even imagine that there is so much fat in beef,” the tourist noted disappointedly. As a result of his dubious gastronomic adventure, the man paid 400 baht, that is, 410 hryvnias at the current exchange rate, and left the cafe hungry.

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