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In Thailand, Russian tourists died at sea when they were hit by a boat

In Thailand, the search for a Russian tourist who disappeared at sea ended in vain. He and his girlfriend were hit by a speedboat while swimming near the beach. The body of the deceased was brought ashore, Thai Rath reported today.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on the beach of Koh Larn, a popular place among vacationers near Pattaya. Eyewitnesses said that the young couple was swimming outside the area fenced with buoys. At some point, a twin-engine speedboat ran into the people and they disappeared into the water.

Later, the girl’s body surfaced, but the guy, after several hours of searching, was never found. The police clarified that he is a 22-year-old Russian.

By 21:30, the police had found the culprit of the emergency and confiscated his boat for investigative actions. The fast ship was captained by a 19-year-old captain. According to him, as soon as it left the shore, the boat collided with something and the engines stalled. Without finding out the reason, he launched them again and continued moving towards the mainland.

The island of Koh Larn is famous for the fact that thousands of tourists come to it every day on similar boats and ferries. Towards evening, everyone begins to be taken to the city located opposite.

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