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Tourists were told 5 ways to carry “excess” on board the plane without paying extra

Strict regulations on the weight of luggage and hand luggage, as well as huge sums for exceeding them, force tourists who do not want to go bankrupt, to take fewer things on their trip or to look for options to bypass the rules. Travel experts shared 5 ways to carry “extra” on board the plane without paying extra, writes the Express publication.

All it takes is a little imagination to save on luggage when traveling, says James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises. “With a little imagination, you can find many life hacks and avoid strict airline restrictions. From wrapping clothes in a pillowcase to using duty-free bags to receive additional services,” he said.

To begin with, before the trip, the tourist needs to make sure that he took only the necessary things, and also – did not forget to pack the necessary ones. If, despite a reasonable selection, the suitcase weighs more than necessary, you can refer to the following tips.

1. Buy a road vest. James Cole emphasized that this item of clothing is easy to order online. The vest has many pockets for small things so that you don’t have to put them in bags and suitcases, and therefore don’t overpay.

2. Buy a good travel bag. The weight of the luggage includes the weight of the bag, it is wise to choose a light model to more easily comply with the regulations.

3. Throw away toiletries. Shampoos, creams, toothpaste, and other things can weigh quite a lot, so it is recommended to buy them after arriving at your destination.

4. Travel in the heaviest clothes. Hoodies, coats, heavy shoes – all this is better to put on yourself, freeing up space in your suitcase.

5. Dress in several layers. “No one will ever know you’re wearing eight bikinis, five tops, and a hoodie. As soon as you get on board, you can undress to your original clothes, and according to the rules, no one will be able to tell you anything,” the expert said.

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