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In Thailand, car windows began to explode due to the heat: tourists were given advice

The heat in Thailand is dangerous not only for tourists. According to the Thai press, local social networks are actively discussing the unusual consequences of the heat – it turns out that car windows have begun to “explode” because of it. Several of these photographs went viral on the Internet and required comments from experts who gave useful advice, including to tourists, if they want to rent a car in Thailand.

As Jessada Denduangboripant, a lecturer in the Department of Biology at Chulalongkor University, explained, heat can indeed lead to the destruction of car windows, but the reasons for the destruction must be considered in each specific case. He noted that in most cases, the photos and videos show side and rear windows that are made of tempered glass, rather than the laminated glass used for windshields.

“Tempered glass can break due to stress cracks. This can be caused by a sudden change in temperature from hot to cold. For example, the windows of a car left in the hot sun may crack when the driver returns and immediately turns the air conditioning on full blast. This can also happen if you cool the car with cold water or if it suddenly rains. Microscopic cracks or air pockets within the glass layers can cause disproportionate contraction and expansion, causing the glass to break,” the expert assured.

However, he said the main cause of cracked car windows is often impact from falling objects. “Before jumping to conclusions that the glass exploded due to the heat, it is advisable to check the surrounding area for heavy fruits, branches, or even pets such as cats that may have fallen on the car. Pre-existing damage, such as undetected chips from flying debris, increases the likelihood of glass failure,” he said. He also noted that in such cases it is not difficult to identify the trace of the initial impact.

“Older cars or cars that have been involved in accidents may have structural deformations that put extra pressure on the windows, making them more prone to breaking. Conversely, the glass of a new car may be broken due to manufacturing or structural defects, which requires inspection by a dealer,” the expert adds.

He also advised car owners on how their “iron horses” can survive the heat without such problems. They will also be of interest to “long-term” tourists, as well as ordinary tourists who want to rent a car:

  • Avoid parking for long periods in direct sunlight.
  • Inspect your vehicle regularly for signs of damage to the windows and bodywork that could create pressure on the windows.
  • Before using a car parked in the sun, open the windows slightly to let out hot air, then gradually cool the interior with the air conditioning.
  • Do not leave items in your vehicle that could explode when exposed to heat, such as lighters, aerosol cans, or batteries.

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