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Travelers were given valuable advice, including the “24-hour rule” before departure

When going on a trip, it is important to remember not only about tickets and luggage but also about your comfort and health during the flight. Travel experts and cabin crew have shared valuable tips, including the 24-hour rule before departure, to make your next flight more enjoyable.

Experts emphasized that even small changes in habits and preparation for a flight can have a big impact on the overall well-being and mood of the traveler. Thus, flight attendant Jenna Wright recommended monitoring your diet before the flight. “Bloating is one of the most annoying things about flying, especially on long-haul flights,” she noted. “For travelers who want to minimize post-flight bloating, I would advise avoiding anything heavy, spicy or fatty before flying.”

At the same time, marketer Abby Dunn shared her “24-hour rule” — drink more water the day before departure and the same amount after. “This will help avoid dehydration and dry skin headaches,” she explained.

Avoiding food on a plane can be especially helpful. Food on board often contains added salt and sugar, which can lead to bloating. Instead, you should bring light and healthy food with you.

Technology can also come in handy on the road. Lee Dobson, co-founder of Travel City, emphasized the importance of noise-canceling headphones and a power supply for devices. “This combination of technological innovations has improved my flying experience, making long flights feel like a breeze,” he said.

In addition, experts recommended taking with you an extension cord and spare clothes for three days. “Luggage is often delayed due to security checks or other reasons,” noted Sasha Kalonji and advised not to take your main bank cards with you on vacation, since if the plastic is stolen, you cannot withdraw money.

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