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The flight attendant spoke about how to take a seat in the “business” without additional expenses

The right seat on the plane will allow you to upgrade your class of service. Flight attendant Sierra Mist talked about how to get a seat in the “business” without spending extra money.

The flight attendant shared a useful life hack on her TikTok account. According to her, there is no need to purchase tickets at double the price to get quality service on the flight. To do this, you just need to reserve seats in the rear of the plane, or rather, in the very last row.

The girl shared that usually on full flights, flight attendants have to transfer passengers so as not to upset the weight balance of the aircraft. Usually those passengers who are located in the rear of the ship are transferred.


flight attendant secrets- how to get FREE upgrades to FIRST CLASS (p 1) ✈️

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According to her, there is another working scheme that will allow you to get a free upgrade. It can be used by passengers who have purchased a ticket for a flight with overbooking – when more passengers have checked in for the flight than there are seats on the plane.

“Today this happens quite often, usually it is discovered during landing,” the flight attendant shared.

In such cases, it would be reasonable to seek a refund from the airline. According to the flight attendant, the carrier usually offers such passengers a discount or a ticket to another flight. However, the flight attendant recommends demanding more.

“When the agent checks you in for your next flight, ask to be assigned a business class seat,” she advises.

According to the author of the video, such a requirement most often receives a positive response.

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