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The Royal Palace made an official statement about the condition of cancer patient Charles III

Earlier this year, news from the royal palace shocked the entire community as two shocking announcements were made: Kate Middleton was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery, and Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. Details of the British king’s condition are still a secret, leading to the spread of gossip online.

Many believed that the days of Charles III’s reign were numbered, especially given rumors of his serious condition. At some point, information about his death even appeared, but it turned out to be false. It is currently said that the king has no plans to resume his duties.

To put an end to the rumors once and for all, Buckingham Palace made an official statement about the king’s condition. They report that the son of Queen Elizabeth II continues to undergo chemotherapy, but doctors are already satisfied with the results of the treatment. The King of England is feeling well, and he is ready to return to his duties.

Charles III had previously gone about his business, but he did it remotely. Now doctors believe that he is healthy enough to attend various official events. Social media users are happy to hear that the king’s condition has improved and they believe he will continue to rule the country for many years to come.

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