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Shark attacks tourists in the Caribbean

A British tourist was attacked by a shark on the Caribbean island of Tobago, the BBC reported. The man received serious injuries and is in intensive care.

The tourist was attacked by a bull shark about 2.5 m long. The attack occurred on April 27, on the northern coast of the island, literally 10 m from the shore.

The 64-year-old man suffered injuries to his left arm, left leg, and abdomen. Several fingers were sewn onto him; the patient’s condition is stable at the moment, but the injuries are such that he will need “long rehabilitation.”

It is clarified that the Briton was on vacation with his wife and friends on the island of Tobago; they were supposed to fly home on Friday evening.

Authorities closed seven beaches and all coastal areas along about 11 km.

Tobago is one of the islands that make up Trinidad and Tobago, located in the southern Caribbean Sea.

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