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Husband and wife got into a fight on the plane and disrupted the flight from Germany to Thailand

An unpleasant incident occurred on board Lufthansa due to “unruly passengers,” aviation24.be reported in more detail.

The situation occurred on a flight flying from Munich (Germany) to Bangkok (Thailand).

“On November 28, Lufthansa flight LH772 from Munich to Bangkok was diverted to Delhi due to an incident with “unruly passengers.” A married couple got into a fight on the plane,” the publication says.

The plane had to make an emergency landing in Delhi (India). After landing, the couple’s planes were handed over to airport security personnel. The reason for the conflict between husband and wife is not specified.

After taking the necessary precautions, the plane continued its flight to Bangkok. He landed at his destination with a delay of two and a half hours, the publication notes.

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