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A ranking of cities with the most relaxing city breaks in the world has been compiled

Reykjavík has been named the most relaxing holiday city in the world, Time Out reports.

It took first place in the list of “quiet cities”. The rating took into account the following parameters: air pollution, light and noise pollution, traffic jams, average hours of sunshine, as well as the level of happiness and friendliness of residents. In total, MoneySuperMarket assessed 75 cities.

Iceland’s capital scored an impressive 85.5 on the Tranquility Index, thanks to good air quality, low pollution, happy locals, and plenty of green space.

Tallinn came in second place, scoring 82.3 points for its quietness and super-efficient infrastructure. In third place was Bergen, a city on the west coast of Norway. Among all the cities where the study was conducted, it has one of the highest levels of “clean air” and “lowest light pollution.”

New York was the least relaxing city in the ranking.

The world’s top most relaxing holiday cities in the world look like this:

  1. Reykjavík;
  2. Tallinn;
  3. Bergen;
  4. Vein;
  5. Stockholm;
  6. Vilnius;
  7. Ljubljana;
  8. Munich;
  9. Zurich.

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