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Everyone stays in hotels: tourists in Antalya received warnings about impending floods and tornadoes

Tornadoes and floods are approaching the main resort province of Turkey – Antalya. Tourists were warned about this by the Main Department of Meteorology of the country, publishing a warning statement in which it provided the expected weather conditions with a dangerous yellow code ahead of schedule.

According to Sol Haber, the agency warned vacationers about the downpours and thunderstorms expected throughout Antalya this week and ordered everyone to stay in hotels and not to go outside, especially on the beach. Thus, tourists will have to spend part of their vacation in their rooms.

Here is an excerpt from the statement:

“Periodic and strong local thunderstorms are expected in the province of Antalya and the Gulf of Antalya until noon on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Heavy rains are expected to lead to adverse effects such as floods, thunderstorms, hail, road disruptions, strong sudden winds and storms, as well as tornadoes over the sea. It is important that naval institutions and organizations, stakeholders and citizens be aware of the adverse effects that can be caused by severe weather events and monitor current forecast reports with current meteorological warnings issued by the General Directorate of Meteorology.

NOTE: According to international standards, weather conditions are determined by a scale of color values. The color code, which indicates the degree of danger of weather phenomena, allows to communicate in an accessible way how serious the weather conditions are. The code scale consists of four colors, which are certain levels of risk of predicted weather events:

  • Green – No weather notification required. The weather is not dangerous, no adverse weather events are expected.
  • Yellow – The weather is potentially dangerous. Adverse events (precipitation, thunderstorms, gusts of wind, high or low temperatures, etc.) are possible, which pose a threat to certain types of socio-economic activities.
  • Orange – dangerous weather. There is a possibility of natural disasters, damage. Weather conditions pose a real threat – squalls, showers, thunderstorms, hail, heat, frosts, snowfalls, blizzards, etc.
  • Red is very dangerous weather. There is a possibility of great destruction and catastrophes. Possible meteorological phenomena of extreme intensity (hurricane, downpours, very heavy snowfalls, heavy hail, extreme fire danger, etc.), which can cause serious material damage and human casualties.

Earlier, tourists in Egypt, who are vacationing in the resort of Hurghada, received a similar warning. Read the details in the material « The state of emergency has been declared in the Red Sea: Hurghada is preparing for a storm that will ruin the rest of tourists“.

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