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Russia recruits Syrian fighters for $6,500 a month

Russia is offering Syrian fighters the equivalent of £5,000 a month to fight on its side in the war against Ukraine, British BBC News reported, citing one of the fighters.

The quoted Syrian volunteer admitted that he knew that Russia had carried out a massacre in Ukraine, but volunteered because participation in the fighting allowed many poor Syrians to support their families. He admitted that he himself volunteered because of the money offered. He said his family did not want him to leave, but he was promised that if he died, his relatives would receive the equivalent of $37,000. pounds. He added that he knows at least 200 people who have volunteered.

According to the BBC, the Ukrainian government and a major Syrian NGO say 14 recruitment centers have been set up across Syria.

civil fire

Over the past day, the Russians fired more than 30 times on residential areas of the cities of the Kiev region, wrote in Telegram on Wednesday the head of the regional authorities Oleksandr Pavlyuk.

According to Pavlyuk, the 25,000th Slavutich, the 10,000th Makaryan and 60,000 people before the war are in the most difficult situation. residents of Irpen, over which Ukrainian troops regained control on Monday. These cities, according to the head of the Kiev regional authorities, have been under continuous shelling for the last 24 hours.

Russian shelling caused the greatest damage to the infrastructure of the Buchansky, Pivovarenny and Vyshogrudsky districts, which are part of the Kiev region.

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