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WHO: Vaccination should not be a prerequisite for entry

The World Health Organization (WHO) does not support some countries’ requirement that a coronavirus vaccine be a prerequisite for entry.

“According to international health regulations, vaccines must be approved by the WHO and be available to absolutely everyone before such a requirement is considered a prerequisite for travel,” the organization’s press service said. In this regard, the WHO “does not support the use of a vaccination certificate as a precondition for international travel due to discriminatory access to vaccines for people in richer and poorer countries.”

The press service recalled the statement of WHO Director-General Tedros Adan Gebreyesus, who drew attention to the refusal of some countries to accept citizens vaccinated with unregistered vaccines, despite the fact that the drugs are allowed for emergency use. This leads to great chaos and discrimination, Gebreyesus recalled, adding that all vaccines approved by the WHO are “safe and effective” in preventing serious illness and death.

To date, the WHO recommends seven vaccines for emergency use in the fight against the pandemic. In addition, at various stages are applications for approval of 13 more drugs, including the Russian “Satellite V” and “EpivakCorona”.

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