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Balloon Festival sets world record – 524 launches simultaneously (VIDEO)

Organizers of the New Mexico Balloon Festival have announced that they have set a Guinness World Record for launching 524 balloons simultaneously.

The organizer of the International Balloon Festival “Fiesta in Albuquerque” set a record in 2010 due to the maximum mass rise of balloons, when 329 balloons were launched at once.

The following year, the festival broke a record of 345 balloons, followed by a French event with more than 400 balloons.

Paul Smith, secretary general of the Balloon Fiesta, said the organizer decided to stop chasing the record after the record was broken in the west of France, but after launching in 2019, the organizer had 524 balloons. I realized that I could have inadvertently broken the record.

Tom Harritty, a spokesman for the festival, said he approached Guinness late last year to see if there would be enough documentation from the 2019 event to claim the record, and now organizers have received notifications from the record organization that their application has been approved.

The 2021 International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque will begin on October 2.

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