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A strange disease struck British police during the rescue

Four police officers fell ill with an unknown disease after breaking into an apartment to save a man in serious condition, the Mirror reported.

Sheffield police officers are currently being treated at a hospital and are suffering from side effects after coming into contact with a substance they inhaled in a man’s apartment in the Park Hill area.

According to police, fire crews have determined that the risk of infection is no longer present, as no harmful substances have been detected.

The 30-year-old man was taken to the Northern General Hospital, where he is in serious condition, according to BGNES.

“Fire crews are currently determining whether there are any hazardous chemicals in the house. None of the surrounding apartments have been evacuated and there is no threat to society as a whole, but people are being asked to stay away from the scene while emergency services continue their work. work “, – the city authorities reported.

It is not specified whether the hospitalized man could suffer from what.

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