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Turkey, Thailand, and Italy: Where to introduce new tourist taxes in 2023

In many countries, the pandemic has already been completely forgotten. And, on the contrary, they returned to the old problems: again we need to think about how to cope with over-tourism, reduce emissions to zero, find the money for new travel projects, and make cities more sustainable. States have a way to deal with such issues – to introduce new tourism taxes. 34travel told where travelers will have to pay this year, for what, when and how much.


A new tax for tourists – on accommodation – was introduced in Turkey on January 1. It must be paid by everyone who stays in hotels, tourist villages, campsites, and other accommodation facilities, except for students and representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations.

Add tax immediately to the cost of the reservation: 2 percent of the total amount (regardless of the services provided).


In Seychelles, with a new tax, they are thinking of implementing several new environmental projects. And they plan to collect money for them from tourists who stay in hotels.

The amount of the fee will depend on the number of rooms in the hotel. Minimum – 2 euros per night. The maximum is about 7 euros). It will not be included in the cost of booking – you will have to pay on the spot.


Thailand has officially announced that it will no longer transfer the introduction of a tourist tax. The date has been set, it is June 2023.

So, since the summer, foreigners will have to pay for entry into the country. Those who arrive by plane will have to pay an additional 300 baht (about 8 euros). Those who enter by land or through maritime checkpoints – half as much.

The collected money is planned to be used for the development of tourist attractions, and part will go to cover insurance for foreigners.

Venice, Italy

The tourist tax, which was planned to be introduced in Venice last year, was nevertheless postponed. The new date is summer 2023.

The plan of the authorities is this: everyone who comes to the city will have to pay from € 3 to € 10. The amount depends on the duration of the trip and the season (in high season you will have to pay more, and if the time for travel is not the top one, the price will be lower).

There is no exact information on how the tax will be collected yet. But they say that the amount will be included in the cost of transport tickets.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

The authorities of Barcelona have painted a whole plan to increase taxes for tourists for two years. They want to add another 1.5 to the already not small fee of 4 euros.

Now in Barcelona, tourists are charged money to the regional (2.25 euros) and city (1.75 euros) budgets. The last bid will be raised. Already in April of this year, it will become 2.75 euros, and in April next year – 3.25 euros. That is, in 2024, tourists will pay an additional 5.50 euros if they stay in hotels, hostels, Airbnb, and other accommodations.

City officials say the tax was introduced to “attract quality travelers.” And they raise it now to cope with over-tourism.


The tourist tax (bed tax) was “earned” on January 1, 2022, but was set at 0 percent until December 31, 2022.

Shortly the tax will begin to work “for real”. At the same time, Kazakh business is outraged by the innovation, since, according to its representatives, “it is not said anywhere that the funds will go to the development of tourism.”

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