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Venice fines tourists who haven’t paid tax

Italian authorities have introduced a new tax for tourists in Venice. Now those visiting for one day must pay a fee to enter the city. If the fee is not paid, the traveler faces a fine.

This decision was made in order to limit the excessive flow of arriving tourists. Please note that the mandatory fee is five euros per day. Moreover, in case of non-payment, travelers face a fine of at least 50 euros.

“We need to find a balance, a new balance between tourists and residents. Of course, we need to protect the space of local residents and discourage the arrival of day-trippers on certain days,” admits tourism adviser Simone Vinturini.

It is noted that the innovation did not cause delight among residents; on the contrary, thousands of Italians came out to protest. Local group leaders noted that almost all local residents were against the tax.

“You can’t put an entrance fee into the city. All they’re doing is turning Venice into a theme park,” residents protested.

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