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Tourists are told 7 dishes on the “buffet table” in hotels in Egypt, which are better not to eat

Seven dishes on the “buffet table” in hotels in Egypt, which are better not to eat, were named by an experienced tourist in her blog. The expert also managed to find out which food can be served to hotels on the “buffet table” repeatedly, as well as displayed anew without changes. Moreover, she is not sure that all hotels in Egypt follow these rules. The list also includes “strange” dishes that look unappetizing or tasteless at.

So, let’s list:

Unusual salads: the dish in which processed yesterday’s food will get the fastest, the blogger warns. “According to the standards, extra side dishes from the buffet are allowed to be processed into salads and served the next day.” Although preparations for salads are made in advance at home, the blogger advises avoiding such salads. Especially since they usually have a strange composition. These include cold pasta with sausage and cabbage; beans, sausage, “plastic” cheese, rice, and others. Sometimes there is so much mixed in that even the composition of the dish is difficult to understand.

Cold pizza: the blogger recommends avoiding cold pieces of pizza in the bread section – they may be leftovers from a snack at beach bars.

Dishes of Egyptian cuisine: “I would call some dishes specific. For example, liver pies and traditional Egyptian moloheya soup. I am amazed if such food becomes the central dish of the “buffet table”, – noted the blogger. It tastes pretty disgusting.

Cold hot: “Sometimes there are snacks that were served as a hot dish yesterday. For example, dolma. I don’t think it’s quite right when guests are offered peppers stuffed with rice and minced meat for dinner, and the next day they are served in the cold appetizers section. Especially since they are cooked in a creamy sauce,” the blogger writes.

Meatloaf: according to her, it is difficult to even understand what it is made of. “Maybe the Egyptians cook a meatloaf with carrots inside, then refrigerate it and serve it as a snack. Or maybe it’s fish or liver,” the blogger writes. As a result, this is a rather risky dish – which, according to her observations, tourists rarely take anyway.

Puddings – here the composition is known and does not cause appetite. “Starch, sugar, and vanillin – cheap and angry. I never eat this dessert in Egypt,” the blogger writes.

“Juice”: “You can easily recognize it – the drink is poured into transparent plastic containers. It’s hard to call this liquid “juice”. The drink is very sweet, chemical in taste, and too bright. As a rule, it is prepared from a powder-concentrate. Such a “yuppie” can be found even in not the cheapest hotels. I don’t understand how you can save money on what children drink most often,” the blogger writes.

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