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Experts told about six rules of etiquette at the buffet

Once at the buffet, it can be difficult to resist gastronomic temptations and it is very easy to forget about the rules of conduct and etiquette. The experts announced a list of six rules of etiquette at the buffet.

An abundance of dishes, freedom of choice, and unlimited portion sizes – once at the buffet, it can be difficult to resist gastronomic temptations and it is straightforward to forget about the rules of conduct and etiquette. But, despite the democratic nature of this format, certain requirements and restrictions exist here as well.

Meat, fish, salad, dessert – all in one plate? Etiquette is strongly against it! For appetizers, main courses, cakes, and fruits, you should take different plates, even if this requires you to go to the buffet several times. One plate is used for only one meal: if you want to add an addition to a dish that you have already eaten, you need to take clean dishes. The same applies to cutlery, cups, and glasses.

Do not impose food “with a slide”

Put everything and more, and then leave half on a plate, because they overestimated their capabilities – a frequent occurrence at the buffet. It is better to take a small piece or a couple of spoons of the dish you like: in the end, you can always go for a supplement.

Nutritionists advise taking small portions of different dishes: this way you will not only taste more but also eat more slowly, which is good for digestion.

Do not take food with your hands

This is one of the main rules of the buffet: taking food with your hands is unhygienic and impolite to others. For any dishes or products, there are special devices – spoons, forks, tongs, and spatulas. Bread, fruit, or dessert is no exception. Even if you, well, definitely take this particular croissant.

It is also unacceptable to shift food from a common dish with your fork or spoon.

In the center of the plate is the main dish

The products on the plate are arranged in a particular order: first – the main dish and seasoning, then the side dish, vegetables, and herbs. According to the rules of etiquette, meat, poultry, or fish are supposed to be placed in the center of the plate, the side dish is to the right and left of the main dish, and the greens are to the top right (do not mix it up!). Sauces are also laid out in the upper right part of the plate, above the greens. That’s why buffet plates are usually so hefty.

Wait your turn

We don’t know if we need to repeat this once again, but rushing to the table with all our might, pushing others aside, and in a hurry to put more food on a plate – all this is such a bad form, you can’t imagine worse. You need to calmly wait until there is a free place, and come up for your portion.

Don’t choose too long

It’s not worth rushing at the buffet, but it’s also not recommended to linger at the distribution for a long time, choosing a more appetizing piece, so as not to disturb the rest. It is generally not customary to pick and choose products in search of the best in restaurants of this format: you should take those portions or pieces that are closer to you – from the edge or from above. Well, or, okay, next to them – after all, it’s better!

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