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What not to eat at a buffet in Egypt

It is no secret that the risk of poisoning in hot countries increases significantly. Therefore, with food and drinks you need to be very careful. Especially if you eat in a restaurant and are not sure about the origin of the products. There are a few rules about what to avoid at the buffet if you don’t want to get poisoned. About them – in the material “DIP”.

Water from jugs

In no case do not drink water from jugs in Egypt, as you cannot know its origin. The fact is that often hoteliers offer tourists tap water that has not been properly purified. Always drink exclusively bottled water and check if it was originally capped.

Fruit cut into pieces

If you want to have fruits on the buffet, it is better to take whole fruits or those that have just been brought. It is not known how they were cleaned and how they were cut. It is quite possible that pieces of fruit could lie in a warm room for a long time. In this case, bacteria will grow in them. This is fraught with infection and intestinal upset.

Egg dishes

Not always do hoteliers use eggs of the first freshness for cooking various dishes. In cooked form, it is impossible to determine their freshness. In addition, it is not known how long the eggs were in the cooked state, and they spoil very quickly. Therefore, you should not risk and eat these dishes on the buffet.

Desserts with cream

It is better not to eat desserts with cream or cream, as they should always be kept in the refrigerator. Desserts on the buffet are always in low demand, so they stay in a stuffy room for a long time. There is a risk that the dish will enter your body spoiled, and due to the abundance of sugar and other sweeteners, you will not notice this.

Raw fish and sushi

Do not get carried away with raw fish dishes on the buffet. Unless you are staying in a very expensive hotel, the chances of you eating fresh fish are very low. Therefore, even if you are a big fan of Japanese cuisine, you should not risk your health.

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