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Tourists were urged not to carry food from the buffet at the hotel and not to fill their bags with fruit and pastries

The buffet is one of the most favorite tourist benefits of staying in a good hotel. Many are so delighted that they try to take the dishes they like “for later”, considering this to be normal. However, hotels are urging guests not to carry food from the buffet and not to stuff bags with fruits and pastries, citing strict internal rules and etiquette, writes the British edition of The Sun.

Hotel staff often notices how tourists wrap pastries, cakes, and fruits in napkins, then put them in bags. This may seem normal because the buffet does not provide restrictions on the amount of food eaten. But what is eaten is not the same as what is taken out, and the rules are stricter. According to experts, some hotels may even accuse a guest of stealing.

A strict no-take-away policy, for example, is enforced by the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sydney. Director Duncan Morrison explained: “We see a lot of guests wrapping our wonderful desserts and pastries in napkins and hiding them in bags for later snacks. In such cases, we kindly ask them to leave the food from the buffet where they belong in happy bellies.”

Others in the hospitality industry called the removal of food from the buffet “rude”, which can be regarded as theft. If a tourist wants to take something with him, it would be right to ask the staff about it first.

“If you feel the need to ask for extra food, wait until the hotel staff packs the buffet. Hot dishes such as scrambled eggs and sausage patties cannot be stored for the next day, so they often go to waste. The same is true for baked goods and dairy products that are past their expiration date,” advise experts from the Journey Junket team.

Etiquette expert William Hanson agreed with the idea that the question of extra food to go should be asked when the buffet service is coming to an end. After all, if one person takes a lot, the next guest may remain hungry.

“You really shouldn’t take food out of the buffet. And if you want to – talk to the staff before taking it. But try not to ask early because you may deprive other hotel guests of food. The best time to ask is 30 minutes before the end of the buffet,” advised William Hanson.

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