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Tourists told of mistake they’re making at hotel breakfast buffet that puts safety at risk

Tourists who prefer to have breakfast in hotel restaurants using the buffet system often make the same mistake that can put their safety at risk. As it turned out, trusting the surrounding atmosphere and relaxing in the dining hall, they often show excessive carelessness.

Carolyn Pearson, an expert in the field of hotel business security, shared in one of the publications of the British publication The Sun, what exactly is the mistake and how to avoid it. A big mistake travelers make, she says, is leaving their bags on a chair next to the dining table while they head out to the buffet themselves for food. “I never leave my bag at the breakfast table,” said the specialist. Indeed, such a habit can lead to undesirable consequences, since a bag left unattended becomes easy prey for thieves.

At the same time, the very fact of leaving one’s belongings on a chair sounds very innocent – no more than an attempt to “reserve” a table in the dining hall. However, as Pearson emphasized, as a result of this action, tourists unwittingly become the target of criminals. Instead of leaving valuables unattended, she recommended carrying a bag with you and leaving only a non-valuable item at the table – such as one item of clothing.

According to the expert, such a rule should be an integral element of the tourist culture of behavior. After all, observing the basics of safety in unfamiliar places is the key to a calm and successful pastime.

For example, one of Carolyn’s tips is not to say your hotel room number out loud when a guest is at the front desk. “As soon as they (hotel staff) say the room number, the front desk staff will direct guests to the room,” she said, adding that instead of waiting for the room number to be spoken out loud, guests should be asked to write it down. Despite the best intentions of hotel staff, sharing personal information in the lobby can be dangerous.

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